Make Him Worship You Review – Is Michael Fiore’s Manual PDF Worth It? He Will Worship You With The 5 Steps.

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When a man admires a woman and how to achieve it. Download Michael Fiore’s e-book Make Him Worship You and you will discover unique rules of taking control over a man’s mind! I have heard from other women multiple times that a man can treat a good woman in not a nice way. A woman that gives her man presents, gives massages and cooks delicious food does not receive the attention she deserves!

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Make Him Worship You is every woman’s guide to making any man, whether your current partner, ex or potential candidate, worship the ground you walk on… Because who runs the world? Girls! All joking aside, this program provides you dating and relationship advice FROM A MAN, giving you an inside peek at what men really want.

What is the Make Him Worship You Program?

The Make Him Worship You Program is created by author and relationship expert Michael Fiore. He is the founder and creator of Digital Romance, and he’s written several books on relationships, has helped countless women fix their relationships, and has also produced critically-acclaimed training programs for both men and women over the years.

Make Him Worship You is an ebook delivered in a PDF format through a subscription website. You get access to the ebook, as well as three bonus books that make the entire course comprehensive for making your husband, partner, or boyfriend fall head over heels in love with you once again.

What makes it stand out from other relationships advice ebooks out there is that it digs deep into the male psyche. It doesn’t just talk about improving communication or making yourself look more beautiful, or spending more time together. It doesn’t give you any superficial advice and tips. What makes it unique is that it talks about male psychology. By better understanding what men want, what their thought patterns are, you are able to act and behave in ways that meet his needs in the relationship.

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The makers of the program say that the techniques they teach are tested, proven, and easy to implement. It doesn’t require you to change anything about yourself, and in fact, it encourages you to be more yourself, so you can authentically connect with your man.

Why Was it Created?

“Make Him Worship You” was created for the sole purpose of helping you navigate your relationship and avoid the pitfalls or patterns that will eventually make you lose the man of your life.

This program is designed to enlighten and engage you towards a transformation in your relationship.It is a total relationship makeover that starts from within.It is the kind that genuinely helps you and gives you tangible results.This product was created not just for some content or information.

Once you read, understand, and put all your learning into action, you will immediately see visible transformations.

The program is not just for ready though.​You really need to apply whatever concepts and principles you have discovered and learned from here in your actual life and dealings with other people.It is like a guidepost to those who need it the most especially if you feel like you are in the dark, confused, and lost in your relationship.

It was created because the author genuinely loves to help people and impart what he knows to make significant and real changes in those people.He wanted to show you the secrets to a happy and true relationship with a man who worships you.

Who’s Michael Fiore?

Michael Fiore is the founder of a company known as Digital Romance Inc. From that name, you can tell that he is a relationship coach by profession. He counsels both men and women and he is happily married.

Michael specializes in interpersonal communication. He is fascinated by the role that technology plays in relationships. This is why he encourages people to use social media, texts, apps, emails, and other similar tools to enhance their communication with their partners.

Although he gives people general dating advice, he is known for his advocacy on the use of text messages as a way to enhance romantic interactions.

As for his credentials, his book “Make Him Beg to Be Your Boyfriend in 6 simple steps” gave him traction in the relationship advice space and made him an Amazon Best Selling Author.

Make Him Worship You is divided into the following six modules:

  1. Introduction and the lies you’ve been told
  2. What men mean by “I love you”
  3. The secret emotional life of men
  4. Accepting yourself
  5. Feeding his masculinity
  6. Communication and getting what you want

Life-changing Techniques


Make Him Worship You is written in an easy-to-understand style. There is no salesy chat and it gets to the heart of the matter very quickly for maximum effect. If you follow the program you will understand about:

  • The Secret Emotional Life of Men – Simply put, men are terrified about opening up and telling you the truth about their “feelings”. Learn the 4 word question that will open up his heart and vulnerability.
  • The Crisis of Masculinity – Where all the “good men” are hiding – And how to find them, however well they are disguised. They often are not obvious.
  • Unleashing his Inner Caveman – Get him to initiate intimacy, not you. Learn the trick that will get him away from his pornography and into you. Have him drag you to the bedroom, shower, kitchen or wherever. Make him tent his trousers with desire.
  • Switching on his Primal Power Drive – Wake up the laziest man in the world and kick-start his ambition. Get him off the couch and in a state where he feels he is worthy of you.
  • The Master Male Emotion and Testosterone Telepathy – Learn about the one secret feeling all man have and use Testosterone Telepathy to read his mind and uncover his secret desires with 3 words.
  • The Man Melting Hug – This is not a cuddle. This is a hug that will make him pull you into his heart.
  • Seductive Words and Phrases – Learn what to say, how to say it and when to say it.
  • Deflating Anger – There are always rocks and potholes on the road to love. Learn how to stop fights and turn them into hugs.
  • One Poisonous Question – What not to ever say. If you do say it, game’s over.
  • Masculine Shame – How to stop him thinking he is a failure, with just one look. Keep him from giving up on your relationship.
  • The Hypnotic Kiss – Most people reckon they can kiss up a storm. Rubbish. Most of it is just exchanging saliva. Learn how to stop him even thinking of kissing another woman.

There are many other topics that are covered, which if you do it properly, may lead to a happy, committed long-term relationship.

Here is a peak of what you will learn in each module:

  • Module 1: Introduction

    The program starts off with an introduction about attraction from a male perspective. Inside, you will realize some of the negative expectations that hold you back regarding romantic relationships and the lies you have chosen to accept.

    You will also learn how to let go of your past failed relationships by releasing your negative feelings and thoughts and create room for romance in your life.

  • Module 2: What Men Mean by “I Love You”

    These three magic words have the power to change the dynamics of your relationship. But most women have been misled and even confused when guys they like utter these words. 

    Truth is, when it comes to these three words, there is a huge difference between what a man really means and what he is actually saying. 

    Let these words not confuse anymore. You will learn how to analyze different situations and know exactly what a man means when he says these words.

  • Module 3: The Secret Emotional Life of Men

    This section is a deep dive into the psychology of men. Most men are terrified of expressing their feelings and being vulnerable. Lack of emotional connection can cause a strain in any romantic relationship.

    The chapter will help you develop a deep emotional connection with your man and create the kind of relationship where you both feel desired and loved.

  • Module 4: Accepting Yourself

    The key to a healthy and happy relationship is forgiveness and acceptance. This is a crucial part of this program. Celebrating your uniqueness by accepting yourself and forgiving yourself for past mistakes is the start of any peaceful life.

  • Module 5: Feeding His Masculinity

    Every woman wants to feel loved, wanted and desired. The easiest way to achieve this is by tapping into a man’s primal and masculine needs. You will learn how to make a man feel powerful, admired and strong. 

  • Module 6: Communication Tips and Getting What You Want

    Communication is a crucial part of any successful relationship. This module helps you communicate well in different and difficult situations. The approach and style you use to communicate will determine how well a man responds.

    Learn how to avoid certain topics and questions to help develop a committed and loving relationship and connect better.


Make Him Worship You is not an overnight solution to make your man fall head over heels in love with you once again. It takes time to truly understand and learn the techniques. In short, it takes motivation and hard work from you to make your man become more passionate about you again.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for direct answers right now, Make Him Worship You has them. It’s direct-to-the-point, explains what men really want, and gives you actual actionable steps to improve your relationship.

If you want your man to worship you and treat you like a queen, this program will have the answers you’re looking for.

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