His Secret Obsession Reviews PDF, eBook by James Bauer – Triggering the Hero Instinct in a Man

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His Secret Obsession is a 213-page relationship manual written for any female who feels like she has lost the attention and affections of her partner and wants to win him back again. Anyone who has been in a long term relationship has likely experienced this. When you are first together he pursues you relentlessly and invests a lot of time and energy into romancing you. When you have been together for many years he takes you for granted and doesn’t treat you as special as he once did.

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His Secret Obsession teaches you how to activate your man’s Hero Instinct. It involves a series of phrases and tricks that are designed to make your man go crazy about you. Once those instincts kick in, he will think about you constantly. This keeps your relationship strong and passionate.

While it might seem a bit farfetched, the concepts behind His Secret Obsession are all backed by psychology. Men are complex creatures, but their needs remain the same. When you fulfill those needs and help him feel fulfilled in the relationship, you’ll grow closer than ever before.

James Bauer book, His Secret Obsession Is Divided Into Two Parts

Part I: How The Hero Instinct Works

  1. The Secret Longing of Every Man: This module teaches you how to trigger the attraction that awakens a man’s deepest. You’ll learn how men want to feel like your hero and activate the instinct in man.  It assured that these desires are universal, true for every man.
  2. The Unspoken Desire He’ll Never Admit: Following up regarding the Hero Instinct, the goal of this phase is to teach you what man desire in terms of being someone’s hero. According to the author, if his hero instinct is not being met, his attention will inescapably wander until he finds a woman who can give it to him.
  3. Make Him See The Light: This phase will help you change his perception of your relationship. You will probably focus on emotional attraction. The tips included in this section will help you connect with guys on an emotional level.
  4. The Fascination Trigger:  In this module, you’ll learn some of the most potent triggers for an attraction that drives any man crazy with a desire for you.
  5. Why Men Say, “I’m just not ready”: Crack what it means when a man says he’s not ready.
  6. How Your Desires Can Fascinate Him: The main objective of this phase is to make him feel good.
  7. The Secret Currency of Happy Relationship: If your relationship is a happy one, then over time, your love will become stronger and more exciting. This module teaches how to keep your relationship happy and healthy.
  8. Rocket Fuel: How to Build Relationship Momentum Fast: You’ll learn some of the mind-blowing tricks on how to get a guy obsessed with you.   
  9. How To become His Secret Obsession: You’ll learn some of the mind-blowing tricks on how to get a guy obsessed with you.   
  10. Get Deeper Intimacy by Revealing More: You’ll discover some levels of intimacy that a couple needs to progress through together. It is about learning one another, making you feel more connected.  
  11. Three Things That Can Go Wrong (and how to fix them): This phase discusses how to be proactive rather than reactive in a relationship.

Part II: How to Use the Signals

  1. The Private Island” Signal
  2. The “X-ray Question”
  3. The Glimpse Phrase
  4. The Secret “Currency” Of Happy Relationships
  5. The “I Owe You” Signal
  6. The “Damsel in Distress” Signal


Download His Secret Obsession PDF & Maunal Here:



  • The Glimpse PhraseYou’ll discover a secret signal I call “The Glimpse Phrase”. And I think you’re going to love this one because it gives him a taste of the REAL you in a way that will leave him yearning for more. When you use this simple signal, watch his eyes change as a fantasy blooms in his mind of how amazing the future will be with you.
  • The Fascination SignalI’ll show you “The Fascination Signal” which you can use to spark such deep attraction in a man that you will become an emotional addiction to him. This innocent phrase is one of the most powerful signals I discovered and it can work in person, over the phone, or through text. When you use it he’ll feel an irresistible tug in his heart to be with you that’s so intense it will consume his every thought.
  • Silent Action SignalsI’ll show you the “Silent Action Signals” Every Woman Should Know that will shift his Hero Instinct into high gear and instantly make you more alluring than any woman in sight.These signals are “Silent” because you don’t even have to say a single word yet he’ll get tunnel vision for you like love at first sight, even from across the room.You’ll know it’s working when he starts not-so-subtly trying catch your eye and make you smile.
  • “IOU” SignalDid you know you can actually use a man’s “selective hearing” to your advantage? And all you have to do is swap out 3 simple words that you say every day. I call this the “IOU” Signal and it’s every man’s secret turn on. It fills him with a deep trust in you that makes him see you as his only confidant. He’ll even start opening up to you before he opens up to his best guy friends.
  • Damsel In Distress SignalWith the “Damsel In Distress Signal” you’ll discover how to tap into a man’s natural protective instincts to get his undivided love and attention at will. If you’re tired of him being on his phone all the time, being sarcastic and dismissive, or never being there in the moment with you then this is specifically for you. It lets you turn the tables by switching him into “Protect and Serve” mode. He’ll be the one falling all over himself to gain YOUR attention and admiration.
  • The Private Island SignalI’ll also show you “The Private Island” signal which makes a man see you as “The One.” You see, most women don’t know this but there’s a little-known “quality” that’s scientifically proven to be the biggest factor in who a man chooses to marry. It’s how some women are able to keep their man hooked long enough to trigger his “Love Instinct.” The thing is, every woman on earth is born with this alluring quality but if you don’t know how to use it most men won’t stick around long enough to experience that gut-level attraction that makes them want to commit.This is the closest thing to a real “love potion” that exists.
  • The Ex-Back SignalI call it “The Ex-Back Signal” and the best part is it’s impossible for him to ignore, resist, or “think his way out of”. Just drop these 12 words in a text, say them to him over phone or in person and notice how quickly he comes crawling back to you. This is because of the way this signal taps into his Hero Instinct. It’s your strongest chance to get him back and ensure that he’ll never leave again. And these are just a few of the amazing signals you’ll soon have at your fingertips. When you experience how effortless and blissful relationships can be, the past will seem like a bad dream.

Who is His Secret Obsession Best Suited For?

His Secret Obsession is a program that James created to bring love in seemingly hopeless situations. For instance, you may feel that the man of your dreams has lost interest in you especially after getting intimate with him very fast. He could be ignoring your calls or messages.

On the other hand, you could be in love with a guy who is not very much into you and thus would like to turn the tables into your favor. In such cases, you only need to turn on the secret trigger (which is surprisingly unknown to many people) and he’ll feel a surge of desire that he can’t even explain. He will see you in an entirely new light.

His Secret Obsession All the women he has ever encountered or the ones he has currently will become non-existent and you will be the only one that matters in his life. You will tap into his male primal obsession which helps to create a deep love connection. The most amazing thing is that he will not understand why he is so much obsessed with you.

It’s Something He CRAVESMore than love, more than money, even more than sex.And the craziest part is this one secret obsession holds the key to winning a man’s love, attention, and total devotion for LIFE but not one woman in a thousand even knows it exists!
And those that do almost never share it with another soul.

After 12 years of working with thousands of amazing women as a relationship coach, I’ve witnessed the secret male obsession to be the key to a man’s heart.

Because once you understand it, you’ll be able to make the man of your choice feel a burning desire for you that’s so powerful that you’ll literally become the most important person in his life.

The person he thinks about all day long.
And you’ll also hear the real-life stories of women who used this same secret obsession to create the deepest love of their lives, all from seemingly “hopeless” situations and how you too can create the love you deserve.

Because no matter how bad your situation seems right now…

  • Even if you’re worried your man is losing interest after getting intimate with him too soon…
  • Even if you’ve given up hope that your man will ever commit to you…
  • And even if he’s been completely ignoring your calls and texts


At the end of the day, His Secret Obsession is designed to help women start the relationship they’ve always wanted. Life is too short to go through one failed relationship after another. While every man is different, many of the techniques in this book can be used to start new romantic partnerships off on the right foot.

They can help you feel more empowered and ready to face the dating world with your head held high. Instead of worrying about saying the wrong thing or waiting for him to text you back for a second date, you can use the techniques in this book to turn the tables and approach every relationship with confidence.

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