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Product Name: 1K A Day Fast Track
Price:  Limited Time Discount $1997 $997
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Product Type: Business
Founders: Merlin Holmes

Product description

1K A Day Fast Track is a 6-week Affiliate Marketing Training Course that Equips you with the Knowledge of building a sizeable income online ($1000+ per day) as fast as possible. With The program by Merlin Holmes,Students young and old learn exactly how to build massive email lists of their own using incredibly simple poll pages. This is like nothing anyone has ever seen before and makes sense to even the most newbie & beginners.

The Author Merlin Holmes generated more than $150 million revenue and worked in dozens of different markets. Throughout the training program students are walked step-by-step through creating their own polls using our proven templates, setting up their own email system and beginning to generate traffic using 2nd tier sources which are 1.8th the cost of Google, Facebook and YouTube! 

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